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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between foil & cutter, cassettes, and foil only products?
Generally speaking, when we mention high performance parts we’re talking about the shaver foil and cutting block. Both parts work together and wear out. Braun always recommends changing both the foil and the cutter block to return to 100% performance. The only exception is those rare cases when you only need to exchange your foil because it has been broken or damaged. Some of our new shaver lines already feature cassettes, where the foil and cutter block are integrated into a single unit. This ensures that both parts always work perfectly together.

How do I find out which foil and cutter block fit my shaver? 

Please check the High Performance Part Finder above. Select your shaver, identifying it from the picture or its name, then click on the image to see the corresponding high performance part. If a slower internet connection means this doesn’t work, please click on the overview or download the High Performance Part Finder as a pdf. If you can’t find your shaver this may be as we only feature the most popular and recent models. Use our Braun service website to find model numbers for older shavers.

How long will a foil and cutter block last?

These are precision parts that are subject to wear with use. The level of wear depends on your shaving method and beard type. Inspect your foils visually for nicks, dents and wear patterns before each use. The cutter blocks are not self sharpening and will wear out over time. Replace these parts when worn, to maintain optimal shaving performance. Generally, with good cleaning habits and an average shaving frequency, Braun recommends changing the foils and cutter block every 18 months.

Why can’t I interchange different models?

While some models fit more than one shaver, others are technically different. Therefore we do not recommend interchanging them. Doing so may cause internal damage to your shaver.

The recommended parts look different to those on my current shaver, is that right?

Some shavers have benefited from improvements to high performance parts during their lifetime. For example, the Series 7 shaver now uses OptiFoil™, our most advanced foil, whilst previous models used Smart Foil™. Rest assured, we only recommend high performance parts with guaranteed compatibility, meaning you can purchase safely and in these cases you even get back MORE than 100% of your shaver’s performance!

How do I change high performance parts?

Replacing the shaver head is very easy. Watch the video above showing how quick and easy it is to exchange the Series 7 cassette. For older models where the foil and cutter block are two independent parts, you have to change the parts in two steps: First remove the foil, either by pressing the release button if your shaver has one, or simply by pulling the foil. Now rotate the cutter block 90 degrees and pull it off, holding it at the ends to avoid touching the blades. To fit new parts, carry out the same procedure in reverse.
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